Standing up for the residents of Castle Ward, Tiverton

Welcome to my website.  In May 2021 residents of Castle Ward will go to the polls for Town and District Council by-elections. I am standing in both to represent my home ward.  I am campaigning as a member of the Tiverton & Honiton Liberal Democrats.  On these pages I will explain what motivated me to stand, what I will work to achieve for for Castle and Mid Devon residents, and local groups and services I would like to share with you.

Castle & Lowman Focus, April 2021, Overview

Castle and Lowman Focus, April 2021

The April 2021 Castle and Lowman Focus is being delivered to all properties in the wards over the next few weeks.  You can view it online here.
Phoenix House, MDDC offices and Tiverton Library

Do you feel listened to?

Do you feel listened to? I don’t like Council meetings.  Too often procedural rules are used to control discussion for political point scoring.  Take for example the rule you can only speak for 3 minutes in each debate, and only once.  Supporters will claim this is to...

Electoral reform around the world

Every vote should count, whichever party you vote for. Here is an article in the Totnes Times on Proportional Representation (PR) written by Ryan Hall, a Newton Abbot Labour town councillor. The drive for representative democracy spans across all political parties....
Castle Ward Focus, Spring 2021, Overview

Castle and Lowman Focus, Spring 2021

The Spring 2021 Castle and Lowman Focus is being delivered to all properties in the wards over the next few weeks.  You can view it online here.
Good Governance

Good Governance

If you are fed up with politicians who never listen to you, don’t do what they say they will, have one set of rules for them and another for you, and make you feel disenfranchised and disconnected to the decision making that affects your daily life, then you need to be interested in good governance.

Castle Ward Focus, Autumn 2020, Overview

Castle Focus, Autumn 2020

The Autumn 2020 Castle Focus is being delivered to all properties in the ward over the next few weeks.
Exe Valley Leisure Centre
Exe Valley Leisure Centre, Tiverton

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Tiverton: Past, present and future

Having lived and worked in the ward for 21 years, I have seen many changes.  There has been extensive new housing development, a new hospital, a new leisure centre, expansion of Petroc’s Tiverton campus, and so much more.

Over the next few years there are a number of large new developments being explored.  Some of these will bring much needed affordable housing and infrastructure such as a new high school and theatre, and a town centre redevelopment, but others threaten overdevelopment and removal of vital green spaces.  Whilst development must always be decided within the agreed planning framework, the voice of residents is an important part of guiding that process.

When elected I will listen to your suggestions and concerns and ensure your views are heard in the decision making process. 

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