Who am I?

I have lived and worked in the Castle Ward of Tiverton for 22 years.

I joined the Liberal Democrats in 2018 so I could be more involved in supporting my local community and issues that are close to my heart, and because they were the only political party committed to electoral reform to give everyone an equal voice.  I wanted to help a neighbour with an issue that was causing them hardship and I was unsure where to turn so asked my local Lib Dem Councillor for help.  I was so impressed by the ‘What can I do to fix this?‘ attitude that I immediately offered to stand alongside them to help other people like me.

My hobbies and interests include technology, renovating property, animals, video games, and working in my garden or on my cars.

I passionately believe in doing everything we can to help young people reach their full potential and in turn improve their lives and communities.  I support the Tiverton Youth Centre [space*], and would like to see an extension of youth services to support even more of our young residents and the creation of further sessions, activity spaces, and a massive increase in mental health support.

I have run an IT business from Tiverton since 2003, which was one of the fastest growing companies across the South West during 2012 and 2013 (WMN Fast Growth 75).  My passion for coral reef preservation led to me starting an aquarium product manufacturing business in 2014 with a focus on ethical products and green supply chains.  I chose to invest in a Castle Ward industrial park to develop a factory and state-of-the-art electronics production facility.

Much like supporting and encouraging young people to help them develop their skills and communities, I am a firm supporter of small business hubs for enabling and encouraging entrepreneurs to start and develop new businesses.  I believe that micro enterprises are the future of sustainable towns and communities, and Tiverton is uniquely placed to take advantage of this with the correct guidance.

David Wulff with leaflet

What would I do for you?  I would…

  • Listen to your concerns; be your local voice on the Council; and work closely with colleagues across Town, District and the County Council.
  • Bring experience from nearly two decades of developing and growing successful businesses to your local decision making.
  • Work hard to ensure transparency, fairness, accountability and all tenets of good governance in local decision making.
  • Advocate for supporting local services for young and old, and attracting jobs and investment to Tiverton.

I am already doing many of these, both through local groups and by supporting our existing Liberal Democrat Councillors in their work and out on the streets.  The more support we have on the Council, the more effectively we can progress your priorities.

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