Local Groups

The groups on this page are local groups that I either support, or believe in their mission.  They are mostly apolitical, with the aim of encouraging and supporting the heritage and communities of Tiverton and surrounding areas.  I encourage you to explore them as I hope you will also find them interesting and worth your support.

Allies Mid Devon – Making a Difference

Allies Mid Devon is a registered charity ‘not for profit’ community group, based in Tiverton, covering the whole of the Mid Devon community.

Allies Mid Devon members are here to help ‘Make a Difference’ for the people of Tiverton, Mid Devon and surrounding towns, by supporting local projects and encouraging community spirit.

Allies Mid Devon relies upon like minded people, who are interested in making a difference and wanting to see improvements in their local towns and villages.

Churches Housing Action Team

CHAT (Churches Housing Action Team) have been providing free, impartial support and advice for 25 years.  They believe that everyone is entitled to decent, secure and affordable housing – somewhere to call home.  Their office is based in Tiverton but their services are available to anyone in the Mid Devon area.

CHAT provide housing advice, tenancy support, debt and money advice, and a foodbank.

Tackling homelessness, Avoiding Evictions, Bringing Hope

[space*] Tiverton Youth Centre

Tiverton Youth Centre offers a safe & supportive social space for young people. They offer fun and informative activities every session and offer a packed programme with challenges, cooking & crafts for our young people to participate in.

Aside from all the fun, their youth workers offer group & 1-1 support, or advice on issues that affect young people; like relationships, alcohol and drug use, or support with peer pressure & general mental well-being.

They are also one of the three Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs in Space*! These creative sessions are part of their involvement in the 3 year international project to develop career sustaining skills, job opportunities and an innovative network of young creators.

Tiverton Civic Society

The Tiverton Civic Society is a registered charity that cares for the beauty, history and character of Tiverton and its surroundings. They aim to protect and preserve the good things we all enjoy, and try to change or influence for the better developments which cause general concern. They are totally non-political and can take a long term and independent view of the many changes that are now affecting us all.

If you care about the beauty, history and character of Tiverton and its surroundings, then please consider joining them.