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Once public trust has gone, it is hard to build it back

There is nothing wrong with lobbying politicians as long as it is done openly and transparently so we, as affected citizens, can use our votes to support or reject it. When it is done behind closed doors, they deny us the ability to respond. How often has this been happening? What other groups have been lobbying them behind closed doors?

The number one concern people have with politicians is that they don’t listen to, or act in our interests. In many cases that is unfair, but once public trust is eroded it is very difficult to build it back. Whether it is cash for curtains, or private influence in backroom meetings, we have the right to know who has access to the politicians who control our lives.

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Building our Green Recovery

I support efforts to rewild green spaces and get wild flowers on verges, vitally increasing our biodiversity and helping to absorb airborne pollution and improve local air quality. The Liberal Democrats working alongside Green Party members were key voices in Mid Devon’s plans to be carbon neutral by 2030, and we will keep on putting forward improvements.

We want to expand projects to plant even more trees, and allow community groups to take over unused green spaces to create wildlife habitats. We want to invest in more charging points across Mid Devon for electric vehicles to make our communities ready for the future, putting the infrastructure where we need it to encourage greater use.

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